Successfully failed family RV trip

Our first ever RV trip wasn’t too successful.

The RV broke down on the third day, and we were stuck in a small desert town for two days. The more I tried to call road side services, the faster we were losing options. There was a moment of five or so hours when I had absolutely nothing to do but just wait.

It was a painful wait without any promise. Every ticktock destroyed the itinerary I had planned for last three months little by little. This was the moment I realized that the worst, helpless feeling you can have as a daddy and a husband during a family trip is when you actually don’t know what to do. Maybe it’s a PM thing as every travel comes with a goal, milestones, clear action items, and KPIs measured as # of chuckles per person per day — well yeah maybe.

With no other options in our hands, we decided to dump the rest of the itinerary and look for something else to chuckle about. We played with our own shadows, swung as if the small swing in the middle of nowhere is actually one of a kind, and started talking to neighbors while waiting for something that we didn’t even know if possible. And we met these awesome people: Rhonda, Joanne, Sam, Rex, Bob, Randle, and Tammara. I don’t even know if we’d meet again, so wanted to thank you again for your kind care, wisdom, great stories, patience, and help while we were stuck. Two worst days of our vacation taught us the value of humanity through you guys.

So back to the trip, the RV was fixed after two full days just as much as we could barely drive, but didn’t function properly. As for the rest of the travel, we continued to go scrappy and wing it. “# of chuckles” kept but in a different way. 😉

Again, our first ever RV trip wasn’t successful but it was one of the most memorable ones.

..and we liked it that way too.

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